Baby Momma Drama

Are you a man (or woman who knows individuals in this situation) that has frequent Baby Momma Custody Drama and no documented history of abuse, domestic violence and/or criminal charges? 

By  Baby Momma Custody Drama we mean – frequent arbitration or custody court battles for problems that do not actually exist other than what the baby momma has said, implied, exaggerated, or lied about to authorities.  Authorities can be teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors, pastors, etc.  For some reason, the authorities “naturally” takes sides with the baby momma and do not believe or care for or place any value on the Dad’s point of view. 

If so, we need to come out of the shadows and share these unbelievable stories.  Its time for a change!

For example, one gentleman has been on defense from a baby momma’s court drama for several years back to back, which started when she moved out with our children.  The unsubstantiated court accusations have been as follows in the respective order – thinking was off, poor communicator, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, volatile anger towards momma, angry, dangerous to children, needs psychological evaluation, mental condition – to completely revoke visitation privileges and access to children’s medical and school records.   All the while, the momma manipulates authorities and the children to believe her accusations and blocks communication with children, as the she boldly says “I will not let any man control me!”  This is one unbelievable story, he says he did not sign up for!

At some point, we would like to pool these stories and resources (i.e. articles, support groups, CNN story, materials for authorities, etc.) specific to these kinds of Baby Momma Drama situations. 

We could push for a website, a high profile story (our list provides potential interviewees), articles on navigating the challenges, etc. but your voices must unite to be heard.  The emotional stress is a silent and invisible killer! 

Please leave a comment and/or email us at and share your story. 

This is not about you, me, or the baby’s momma, its really about the emotional stability and character development of our children

Baby Momma Drama Dads Take a Stand and Unite! 


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